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Band Herkunft Musikrichtungen
3rd Choice BE Alternative Rock, Rock, Metal
Agony Of Tales BE Metalcore, Djent, Hardcore
Alory AUT Post-Hardcore
Antaraxid BS Deathcore, Djent, Metalcore
BITE ZH Sleaze Rock, Hardrock, Heavy Metal
Calico ZH Pirate Metal, Folk Metal
Chasing Hopes SG Akustik
Crystal Rose AG Punk Rock
Defender AG Post-Hardcore
End Of Silence LU, OW, NW Metal
Eversis ZH Alternative Metal, Nu Metal
Expellow ZH Metalcore, Hardcore, Death Metal
FallDown BL Hardrock, Rock'n'Roll
Female Nose Breaker ZH Brutal Death Metal
Freunde unter Feinden BS Metal
Get The Gorgeous BE Punk Rock, Post-Hardcore, Metal
Global Disorder SG Oldschool Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock
HellFarts SZ Punk Rock, Punk'n'Roll
Irony Of Fate BE Melodic Death Metal, Trash Metal, Groove Metal
Life's December SG Deathcore, Djent
Living Shape ZH Post Darkwave, Dark Rock
Mantra ZH Experimental Rock
Next Dimension SG Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Of Deers And Pilots BE Rock
Omnicide BE Death Metal
Rümbold LU Röck
Sacrificed With A Scythe ZH Hardcore, Thrash Metal
Save Your Last Breath ZH Deathcore, Black Metal
Sickret LU Nu Metal, Hardcore, Rap Metal
Silent Circus AG Modern Metal
Sink or Swim ZH Easycore, Heavy Pop Punk
So Wasted BE Pop Punk
Taped FL Metalcore, Hardcore
THORN. SO Progressive Metalcore
Three Elements BE Alternative Rock, Punk
Ticket to Nowhere LU Post-Hardcore, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal
Unified Move SO Hardcore, Punk
Waterloo SG Hardrock
White Dog Suicide GL Hardcore Punk, Melodic Hardcore, Punk Rock
Whiteout ZH Metalcore
WICKED PLAN CH Melodic Heavy Metal